Lamerton C of E Academy

We strive to enable all children to achieve their potential

 Planting seeds of hope in our community. Together we dream, believe and achieve.

Our pupils enjoy learning about the stories that Jesus told us. We have chosen the parable of ‘The Sower’ to inspire and underpin our vision which runs through the heart of our school. We work to build a caring, inclusive community, in which we can all grow and flourish under God’s guidance.

The sower sowed his seeds in different types of ground. The path meant that the seed could be easily snatched by a bird. The rocky ground meant the roots could not grow deep. The thorny ground smothered and choked the plant but the seed sown in good ground, grew well and provided a plentiful crop. No matter the changes in temperature or weather, the good soil gives the seed exactly what it needs to grow, be healthy and have deep roots.

We strive to provide the good soil for all our children to flourish. We care for all our children and support them to care, learn and grow. We believe our purpose is to nurture and enable every one in our community to flourish as this will enable children to be the person they are fully capable of being. We articulate this as ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve’. We desire to aim high, with courage to dream.


The journey towards excellence begins with the desire to aim high, the creativity to explore new horizons and the courage to dream. We dream of a community built on mutual respect, generosity, gratitude, care and love. Jesus offers possibilities and hope. He issues a challenge to acknowledge our own personal responsibility for our own growth.


We celebrate self-belief as well as belief in one another. We value each other for who we are as well as for what we achieve.

The sower seeks to nurture and help us grow in every way, our growth mindset seeks to empower. We are inspired by Jesus’ message and offer opportunities for everyone to develop their innate spirituality, recognising the diversity within our community.


Achievement is the goal of all that we do;

Academic achievement, sporting achievement, creative achievement, personal achievement.

Achieving independently, achieving collaboratively, achieving as a community.

Bearing fruit and flourishing is our aim for all.

Learning Academy Partnership

Our Mission: Flourishing Futures

Our school is a part of an inclusive School Trust where everything begins and ends with the children. We want to ensure that we have a profound impact on the future lives of our children so that they have choices and options which will enable them to flourish as they go though life. Quite simply, we put children first in all that we do.

Our School Trust Charter.


LAP Vision

We will be an exceptional School Trust. We are committed to social mobility and a culture of belonging. We do this by investing in people enabling every child to be taught by the very best teachers so that we can achieve social change and all children flourish.


We champion opportunity and equality for all and in all that we do.


We invest in each other and our communities.


We are one team and agree to work as one family.

LAP Beliefs

We believe that:

  • We are Stronger Together – we deliver and achieve more than we could ever do individually. 
  • In a Sense of Belonging – every member of our School Trust matters and knows that they belong.
  • In Removing Barriers – ensuring that where you begin does not limit your horizons. 
  • In Realising the Possible – you cannot be what you cannot see.